Where should you outsource your IT project?

Where should you outsource your IT project?

Dawid Rubin

Marketing expert, specialized in social media marketing content and performance-wise.

4 min read · 09.09.2020 20:17 · Wrocław

Chosing contractor

When choosing a contractor for your project, the thought of whether it is better to hire a company from your country or maybe from abroad is probably going through your head. Today I want to tell you about one of the best choices for your project, which is Poland.

High quality of work

The most important factor influencing your choice should be the quality of work. I guess everyone wants their project to be created in the highest quality and here in Poland we have something to boast about. Polish development teams have earned a reputation as one of the best in the world. They occupy the highest places in international programming competitions (think IT olympics), such as Google Code Jam, the Central European Programming Contest (CEPC), Microsoft Imagine Cup. In addition, they are ranked 3rd as the best developers in the HackerRank and SkillValue rankings of 2019. When analyzing this aspect, we should also consider education. Quoting the New York Times: In Poland, 39 percent of people 25 to 34 years old have university degrees or the equivalent. This puts the country in second place behind Norway in that category among the nearly three dozen member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. (The United States, at 35 percent, ranks 11th.)

Quality and price

Many people think that Poland is one of the cheapest options. This is a misconception and there are countries that offer much lower average rates, such as India or China. However, when it comes to service quality, Poland offers a very high value for money, one of the highest. That is why the services of Poles in the IT industry are so attractive.

Busy nation

In addition to the high quality of our work, we can also provide a fast pace. According to numerous rankings, Poland is the 8th most hardworking nation in the world, working about 1792 hours a year, which gives an average of 40 hours a week. Thanks to this, you can get your product much faster than in other countries.

Time zone

When working with a distant software developer company, you should pay attention to time differences. With Asian countries, or India, this difference can be very big and significantly reduce communication. Poland, on the other hand, is located in central Europe, so for other European countries there is practically no time difference. If you’re from the USA or another American country, the time difference is 6-9 hours. It is not a big difference and you will surely find the time that suits both sides. If necessary, your caller does not have to spend the whole day with the developers, but rather divide his time and fit in with you.


Since we are located in Central Europe, we have excellent connections to many countries. You can easily fly to Poland even from the USA. Considering us, you will even be able to fly directly to Wroclaw, where our company is located. If necessary, we are also able to reach you without major problems.


Many people, when choosing foreign contractors, are afraid of language and cultural barriers and assume in advance that they will have to conduct training for their employees before such cooperation. Of course, there are countries where the cultural barrier may turn out to be too great (e.g. Asian countries), or the accent of some people may make communication difficult. This problem was also solved by our good location. As far as cultural differences are concerned, between European countries they are not too big and American culture reaches us in large numbers through films or news. Besides, many Poles often migrate and travel around the world for business or private purposes. Thanks to that, in our country we are partly acquainted with the cultures of other nations. However, you do not have to be afraid of language differences at all. According to the EF English Proficiency Index, we rank as many as 11/100th in terms of English proficiency with very high skills. English is the most popular foreign language in Poland and we learn it from an early age at every school, and it is also the basic language required for programmers. We can say from ourselves that during conversations with foreign clients, we did not encounter even greater communication problems and everything went well.

We are agile

The last paragraph of the article was devoted to our style of work, because I assume that if you read this article, you want to make a decision. If you haven’t done it yet, I hope that this part of the article will confirm your conviction. By providing programming services we have assumed that we want to offer the highest quality and adapt to your needs individually. Therefore, while working on your project, we keep you informed about any progress and allow you to test the newly created features. Thanks to that you have total control over our work and you don’t have to worry about missed deadlines or poor quality of workmanship. As I mentioned in the paragraph about the time zone, you do not have to worry about time differences. The dates of any calls will be adjusted to you. Sometimes it happens that the cost of putting your idea into practice may significantly exceed your budget. Don’t worry, this is no problem for us. We are perfectly aware of such a possibility, so we will be happy to find possible ways to reduce costs and together we will determine a solution to this situation. We will always be eager to develop your idea in the future. Please also note that we are most interested in cooperation, in which we can express our opinion, hint, advise, find a solution together. We just don’t want to make the application according to your specifications and end the cooperation on that. We want our cooperation to last for as long as possible and to create something great together.


It is very important to find a reliable and experienced team for outsourcing software development and sometimes it’s difficult to make the right choice. I very much hope that this article will dispel your doubts and help you make the right decision. With us, you can focus on what matters to you most. We look forward to hearing about your idea. If, after reading the article, you are still not sure - write and see if you can match each other in practice.

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Dawid Rubin

Marketing expert, specialized in social media marketing content and performance-wise.

4 min read · 09.09.2020 20:17 · Wrocław

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