Google My Business - your window to the world

Google My Business - your window to the world

Dawid Rubin

Marketing expert, specialized in social media marketing content and performance-wise.

3 min read · 25.02.2020 17:47 · Wrocław

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What is it all about?

When setting up a business, you were probably wondering where to start. While the purchase of tools, equipment, premises, and many other things specific to each industry, they all have one thing in common. Internet. We live in the 21st century and it would be ignorant to say that you can live without the Internet. Of course, our grandparents can be an example that it is still possible, but they are not setting up a company at this moment, they are not creating a new brand and they simply can go without it in their day to day life. Your business can’t.

Currently, you can communicate with people around the world, there are huge companies that hire their employees remotely from around the world, and the employees themselves often never even meet their bosses in real life. When you search for a new product or service for yourself, you reach for the Internet, mostly Google Search or Google Maps. In the search engine, you are looking for opinions, photos, reviews, and maps directions to your destination. So how do you use it?

Let yourself be known and give a virtual business card to others

Ok, so what does it look like in practice? You set up a company, come up with a name, create a logo, advertising materials such as posters, banners, advertisements or … business cards. In the beginning, you can give the last ones to your friends, newly met people and you hope that one of the recipients will be interested in your business. But think - so realistically - how many cards will you give out? 100? 200? With this amount you can reach people who are not necessarily interested in what you offer. If you offer some services that are in high demand like garages, it’s hard if you are offering a specialized product, for example, handmade bows and crossbows. Your group of interested recipients, among whom you have distributed business cards, is negligible.

So it’s time to grow your network on the Internet. Here, a group of interested parties only limits your expansion possibilities. Going further with the previously mentioned examples - if you have a car workshop, you can reach most people living near it. What’s more, if you are a valued specialist in some field (in the case of cars, for example, setting up a nitrous oxide installation), you have the chance to attract customers from distant cities. And returning to hand-made bows and crossbows, you probably agree with me that it would be difficult to find customers among friends and acquaintances of these friends? On the Internet, I dare to say that the potential customer base is even larger than for a workshop. Have you heard of AliExpress? Or maybe you know someone who hasn’t heard? Thanks to the Internet, you can offer your services worldwide!

Turning to the merits

But let’s get back to the topic of this article, one of the basics for starting on the Internet - apart from your own website, it is Google’s business card. It allows you to briefly introduce your company and search for it with relevant keywords. Besides, you can put photos, price lists, opening hours on it … everything that a potential customer needs to know in the initial phase of interest. It’s still downhill. Google places your business on a map and leads customers to it. To illustrate the power of this tool - are you searching for restaurants in the search engine and enter the results leading to websites:

How Google uses business cards in search results Search results for: ‘restaurant Warsaw’. The results for 23.02.2020
Or do you check business cards on the right?

How do websites rank in Google Search results for: ‘restaurant Warsaw’. The results for 23.02.2020

I think the answer is clear. On top of that, there are Google reviews. Many people look at them while selecting the service provider. The higher the rating and the more reviews, the more appealing your business card looks.

So many pros, where are the minuses?

Theoretically, Google’s business card has only advantages. However, if your offer is low quality, and as a result, you get feedback in the form of negative reviews, you cannot delete them, and your business card does not look inviting. Of course, the solution to this problem is to offer services at the highest level and if you get single negative reviews, then just don’t worry about them, and you can also answer them and convince people who will read them later. According to the “everyone will not be happy” principle, everyone will finally get a negative opinion. Therefore, keep your head up and keep doing your job!

Opening a business card - a nightmare or a go-to option?

Creating such a business card is very easy, and you only need two things: a Google account and a business address.

With these two things, you can already consider to put your business card and share it with millions of users on the Internet. Of course, I also encourage you to use specialists in this field, who will set up such a business card for you, create encouraging, eye-catching graphics and descriptions that will further help in positioning your card and your website.

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Dawid Rubin

Marketing expert, specialized in social media marketing content and performance-wise.

3 min read · 25.02.2020 17:47 · Wrocław

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