Why your Wordpress site may not be the way to go

Why your Wordpress site may not be the way to go

Dawid Rubin

Marketing expert, specialized in social media marketing content and performance-wise.

7 min read · 02.03.2020 14:45 · Wrocław

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A word of introduction about Wordpress, technology, and competition

Have you ever wondered why - despite the enormous effort you put into positioning your site - it still doesn’t appear in organic searches for selected keywords? What’s more, you get the impression that your competition has poorer SEO quality and is still displayed on the first page of Google results?

Of course, how many specialists you ask, you will get so many different solutions. In today’s article, I will address the issue of how to build a proper website.

If you have your own website and sent out proposals for its development, you must have wondered why there is a huge price discrepancy among the offers you receive. Well, how is it that you order a specific project, with precise guidelines, perhaps with your own photos and in feedback, you get offers from a thousand to several, a dozen or even several dozen thousand dollars? An important aspect of the estimate is the time you give to implementation. But let’s assume that it is least important to us, the site may be ready tomorrow, in a month, or in six months. What then affects the cost?

I am in a hurry with the answer - it is the technologies used and the need to know them that affect the high prices of websites. To best illustrate today’s topic, I will use an example.

Our solutions translated into reality

Imagine that you are the owner of a car workshop in a big city, e.g. in Wrocław, Poland. You start with your business, your workshop is 110% prepared, you have specialized tools worth a lot of fortune, you can diagnose the newest cars thanks to the computers you purchased, and the quality of your services is at a high level. Okay, since you exist physically, it would be good to exist on the Internet as well. You set up Google card and decide to launch your own website. You have read countless guides on who to choose for development, you have received a large number of offers, and finally - without knowing exactly what to choose - the final factor is the price and you choose the offer from the average price shelf.

You get a ready project, your website is exactly how you dreamed it is, everything is perfect. You are happy with the money saved and you wonder why you had to pay three times as much if you have exactly what you expected.

Is the devil in the details? Rather, in 21st-century technologies

The answer to this question comes over time and although you have saved money, you have potentially lost a huge customer base. Why? Because your site is made on Wordpress and there is nothing wrong with the way it looks, but its technology it’s simply … outdated and simply worse from modern sites using technologies such as Gatsby.

The undeniable and most important advantage of websites written from scratch, without using such facilities as Wordpress, Joomla or the recently popular Wix, is their speed. You may wonder what does it matter, after all, thanks to the use of optical fibers, you go to the site and it is immediately loaded (provided that it was created by a specialist, using appropriate formats, so that graphics and videos do not load several seconds after loading) pages. And theoretically, you are right, but it matters for Google algorithms, which highly values ​​the speed of pages and thus gives a better quality result to pages that load faster, and here even hundredths of a second are taken into consideration there.

Thanks to the use of appropriate technology and frameworks, our pages are static, the process of building content takes place once - when building a page, not as in the case of Wordpress - every time the user refreshes or changes the subpage, which increases the capabilities of the website.

In detail about the advantages and how they translate into your business

I assume that if you are not interested in programming and web technologies, the above still doesn’t tell you much. Let’s get to the specifics, which will show you how much impact it all has on your business.

  1. The time the user’s attention is focused on the website is from 5 to 10 seconds. What if it takes 5 seconds for the page to load? You can be sure that a large proportion of users leave it and will move on to the next one in search of an offer that interests them. Thanks to us, you can maximize the time to focus attention to use it on your offer, because the time we can achieve in the speed of loading pages is only 1.4 seconds! Can this result be achieved on Wordpress? Yes, but it would require incomparably more money and work put in to achieve exactly this same effect. And since the same effect, why overpay when you can use the latest technology?
  2. One of the important things is the speed that comes from loading pages in the background. When a user enters your site, the other tabs (subpages) load in the background, so after clicking on them, e.g. the ‘price list’ or ‘offer’ tabs, this is ready immediately after clicking, the user gets the impression as if the page is not as changed and just rewound because everything happened instantly. It’s impossible to look for such possibilities in standard Wordpress pages.
  3. Costs. In our lives, the price is the key factor in most of our product and service decisions. It is important to think about it in the long term and not at the moment. Well, because none of us, running a company, does assume that in a month or two it will close. By using solutions like Gatsby you can minimize costs. And actually, the correct statement will be “remove costs”, because thanks to Gatsby we can have a website hosting for 0 dollars! Exactly, I was not mistaken - you can pay nothing to maintain your website. Why? Because these are websites hosted on CDN (such as Netlify), which have very rich free packages (up to 100GB bandwidth per month) and are much cheaper than traditional hosting on a dedicated server / VPN, so the user connects to the nearest server relative to its location. In the case of Wordpress, it is a dedicated server whose maintenance costs a specific amount of money, and when users from another continent want to visit our site - it will take them much longer. Think about how much you pay for website maintenance in 10 years and think about what you would do with savings.
  4. Minimizing the risk of a page falling. Let’s hypothetically assume that you have created an advertising campaign for your website and in a short time received a huge increase of users. By using our solutions, the risk of falling is negligible because the site is hosted on a network of CDN servers that are ideal for hosting static files and scale is not a problem for them. We can only dream about such a solution in Wordpress.
  5. The benefit of PWA (Progressive Web App). Our site can be installed by users as a kind of mobile application, so you can access it even while offline. This is a very important function, especially for companies whose clients often return to the site, thanks to which they can add it to their home screen on the phone or in the Chrome browser on a computer and use your website while being outside the range of the network and WiFi.
  6. Google Search Rank. I have mentioned it before, but it deserves a separate point. Thanks to the speed and many optimization tricks that we can achieve by creating our clients’ websites, their position in the Google search engine significantly improves. The result is more organic traffic, and the more organic traffic, the more potential customers.
  7. Eco friendly. Perhaps for some this point should be at the beginning of our article. Regardless of whether we try to live ecologically every day, more or less, no one will deny that our daily activities and activities have a huge impact on the environment. It is no different with websites. Some of you here may wonder how it is possible, after all, the website is on the Internet and it has no impact whatsoever. Nothing could be more wrong! Using Wordpress, our site is operated by a specific server, and servers need a huge amount of energy and appropriate space (specially prepared and maintained in the right conditions). Most Wordpress websites run PHP 5.6, which is dramatically slow and has high RAM and CPU usage. Migration alone to PHP 7.0 or higher would allow for a significant saving of greenhouse gases emitted to the environment. When migrating to static pages, this effect is many times greater, so thanks to the use of CDN networks, we contribute to reducing harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide.

Confident? Let’s summarize what you have learned

If you have reached this point, it means that you have learned the benefits of having a website created from scratch based on the latest technologies. What’s more, you learned the disadvantages of pages written on Wordpress. The number of differences is much larger and I could write a book about it, but here I tried to show you the most important advantages and disadvantages of given solutions. If you are still wondering or have any questions - feel free to contact us and we will tell you in detail about all the differences and answer the questions that bother you. And I have nothing else but to encourage you to use our services and make your contribution to saving the planet and scaling your business.

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Marketing expert, specialized in social media marketing content and performance-wise.

7 min read · 02.03.2020 14:45 · Wrocław

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