System ERP - Workkit

All-in-one system to facilitate online work.

Photos from development

Project overview


The task was to prepare the Workkit system, whose mission is to replace the way people work online. The system was to assist in communication (real-time chat, video & voice calls), file storage, employee management and their working time, customer relations and project management. The application is currently in the MVP phase and is undergoing market research.


To create the application, we used the Laravel and Vue.js framework, due to the speed with which you can create a project in the MVP phase, a rich plugin ecosystem and a huge community of developers, constantly improving these systems. Thanks to this, we were able to create MVP of each of the system components in less than three months. To implement the real-time chat we used an external websockets provider -, thanks to which we saved time on creating a scalable architecture, but ultimately this module will be moved in-house to reduce the costs of maintaining this platform.


The client was satisfied with the course of the project, we were able to complete it on schedule. The project is currently undergoing market research to see which direction will turn out to be the most profitable.

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