ISPP - Medicare system in SaaS model

ISPP is a system for patient service in private medical facilities

Photos from development

Project overview


The task was to prepare the ISPP system, whose task was to facilitate and automate the process of patient service in private medical facilities. The system was to stand out from the competition by the simplicity of use and full flexibility of configuration. The application was to contain modules for patient database, arranging and conducting visits, storing medical records and notes about patients, 3 types of accounts: facility, doctor and receptionist accounts, and employee management system.


We used the Laravel framework and Vue.js to create the application. The application was created for 5 months. To implement the SMS sending module, we used third-party service SMSAPI, thanks to which every patient received notification of a visit according to the configuration in the administration panel.


The client was satisfied with the course of the project, we were able to complete it on schedule. The application undergoes tests in one of the medical institutions where feedback is collected and further development of the system is planned.

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