We create web apps,
that'll stick in mind

Creating extraordinary web apps and remarkable user experiences is our passion. See what we can offer to your business.

We create and maintain software

Take care of your online presence and create the opportunity to scale your business. Accelerate customer acquisition for your services or increase your store turnover globally. Isn't that easy?


By switching to online customer service, you can increase their attachment to you and your brand, as well as gain further recommendations thanks to the quality you offer.


Technical debt or manpower shortage? We got your back. Our programmers are combat-tested veterans that are ready to jump into your project and help you achieve the project goal in no time.


World-class web apps

Creating websites and complex webapps is a hard nut to crack, but with us you don't have to worry. Find out what scope of services we offer:


The perfect app cannot have bugs, it has to be either esthetically pleasing and intuitive to use. You wouldn't want to lose a client because he didn't know where to click, would you? Why would you bother yourself with this task? Leave it to experts.


Back in the olden days, we used two cups and a wire to communicate. Cups were replaced with smartphones and computers and nowadays this wire is called API, which stands for an application programming interface. Thanks to it programs and apps can communicate with each other.


For us, the speed plays the first fiddle. We optimize both frontend and backend using effective cache mechanisms and optimizing SQL queries. Proper optimization is a key client-satisfaction factor for every website. No one likes to wait, and remember - time's money.


In today's world, data protection and security certificates are the core of building a trust-worthy business. We understand it well, and you can rest assured that the project we build for you will fulfill all the security standards and cover edge-cases.

Professional backend development with Laravel

What can you gain

Optimization and attention to the smallest detail will help you achieve these results:


more conversions


hosting fees


more clients


What languages do we speak in?

When creating websites and apps, we use modern web technologies. If you don't know what you need - contact us - we'll choose the right technology stack for your project.


Modern PHP framework for web artisans (that's us). We use it to develop complex applications and APIs using the best practices. Perfect for creating both MVPs and large scalable applications.


Vue is JavaScript frameworks used to build interactive UIs in no time! It has a big fanbase and an even greater community around. Its main feature is the ease of writing apps with it.


React is (another) JavaScript framework used to build interactive UIs, made by Facebook. It offers high flexibility and scalability, used in both small and corporate apps.


PHP is one of the most used web languages out there. Each Wordpress site is run on PHP, it's estimated that 60-70% of the entire web is being run on it. In the newest releases, it's also very fast!


Nuxt.js is for Vue, what Gatsby is for React (well, almost). It offers SSG and a lot of plugins decreasing development time. It's also highly performant and used for rapid app development.


Gatsby is a React framework used for creating blazing-fast websites (like the one you are looking at). Forget about Wordpress and show your users that your site is as fast as your business.

Did you make up your mind?

If you are ready to get started or you just have idea, but you don't have development skills to make your idea come to live - let us know. We'll be your guide in IT world.

CodeTisans is a Digital Agency from Wrocław, Poland. We create websites and web apps, we offer MVP-building for startups, consultations, and IT Outsourcing. We create beautiful and useful digital products from scratch, starting with product design through documentation, and implementation of the project both front-end and back-end.
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