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From design, through websites and complex applications, to API integration, product launch and marketing. We service your company comprehensively, taking quality as the main success factor.

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How does project's lifecycle look like?

As we have already mentioned many times - quality and attention to detail are the most important things for us. That is why communication and the principle of cooperation known in advance are our must-have.

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1. Project consulting

Before we start working, we must ensure that we understand your business needs well. At this stage, we specify the goals that will achieve the project assumptions, select the appropriate technologies and select employees who will work best in this project.

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2. Prototype and design

To make sure that what we do is in line with your expectations, we will create the design of the project and its MVP. At this stage, we will prepare some assumptions and collide them with reality. This process will be repeated several times so that the design and prototype are exactly what you had in mind.

3. Development

This part will take us the most time - after the prototype phase, it's time to put it into practice. We will start to introduce functionalities that were not added in the prototype process, then will move on to testing the system with our QA, write automatic tests and convert the design into a functional product. Every week you will receive information about the current status of the project.

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4. Client's review

After the development stage, we will need your feedback. We will call you, exchange some e-mails or arrange a meeting to determine if the final product is what you had in mind and find out if there is something we need to correct. We will not go further without your approval.

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5. End of the project

If you are satisfied with the result - we will start the product or prepare it for uploading to the production server, after which we will optimize everything to make sure that everything works as quickly as possible.

New quality in web apps development


Each of our specialists has many years of experience in building websites, web applications and a vast range of systems. In our team, we have people who, apart from knowledge and skills, also have a great passion and need for self-improvement, thanks to which the work they do is always at the highest level. They couldn't do it otherwise.


Working with us, you don't have to worry about your project. Our offer includes full care of the website, system or application, so you don't have to worry about any updates, certificates or hosting. Our team will take care of everything, at every level, and in the smallest detail.


We are well aware of the importance of time in every company and enterprise. None of us likes when our contractor is late with the delivery, payment or completion of the project. We don't like it too, that's why we always meet the deadlines ourselves, what's more - in most cases we deliver before the set deadline.


For the love of details. Out of the passion to create. By using our services you can be sure about the speed of systems and pages you receive. We'll fine-tune them to the smallest detail, and you also don't have to worry about us missing the deadlines. All this makes up our high professionalism. We leave the half measures to the competition, so do the same and rely on us!


What languages do we speak in?

When creating websites and apps, we use modern web technologies. If you don't know what you need - contact us - we'll choose the right technology stack for your project.


Modern PHP framework for web artisans (that's us). We use it to develop complex applications and APIs using the best practices. Perfect for creating both MVPs and large scalable applications.


Vue is JavaScript frameworks used to build interactive UIs in no time! It has a big fanbase and an even greater community around. Its main feature is the ease of writing apps with it.


React is (another) JavaScript framework used to build interactive UIs, made by Facebook. It offers high flexibility and scalability, used in both small and corporate apps.


PHP is one of the most used web languages out there. Each Wordpress site is run on PHP, it's estimated that 60-70% of the entire web is being run on it. In the newest releases, it's also very fast!


Nuxt.js is for Vue, what Gatsby is for React (well, almost). It offers SSG and a lot of plugins decreasing development time. It's also highly performant and used for rapid app development.


Gatsby is a React framework used for creating blazing-fast websites (like the one you are looking at). Forget about Wordpress and show your users that your site is as fast as your business.

Did you make up your mind?

If you are ready to get started or you just have idea, but you don't have development skills to make your idea come to live - let us know. We'll be your guide in IT world.

CodeTisans is a Digital Agency from Wrocław, Poland. We create websites and web apps, we offer MVP-building for startups, consultations, and IT Outsourcing. We create beautiful and useful digital products from scratch, starting with product design through documentation, and implementation of the project both front-end and back-end.
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